Out of Band Management

Hi all, just looking to implement some out of band management for a remote site. Just looking at the plethora of options and wondered if anyone had any suggestions?
I am running a Mikrotik router at the site using OSPF and figured I could implement the out of band management using cellular service as the back up and configure a port on the Tik router with a higher cost so it kicks in when my main feed drops off.


OOBM is not a backup link for client data, it is a way of accessing remote devices when the main link is down. Usually to a console server that can access the local serial console ports and power control methods.

If you want a “proper” backup method then you will require two of whatever you intend to back up. Eg ptp backup (also bandwidth sharing) would require two tower routers, a second ptp link for each link thats backed up and a second power system with separate backup supply. The routers would have a link between them as well as a link to the tower switch. Spanning tree would keep the inter router link down until something fails.

Now the way we do it is we try to keep each tower connected to two others. This allows for a link to fail and still have access to the tower and see what is going on without having to go to the tower. Power is single source with a large battery (at least 24hrs, but we aim for 48hrs) of run time.

Yes I was referring OOBM to access devices, not redundancy for links. But I do appreciate your insight and advice!!

You would be better served to use a second link per tower to keep access to the tower.

For console access to a console server, a good dialup connection would suffice. Cellular is an expensive method for oobm given the same cost of hardware would also be a second link minus the monthly costs. What could you do with 600/yr in extra budget not spent on operating expenses?

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