Outages in a town => all SM resetted !! please re-enginner the remote reset behaviour

Hi Cambium,

I had a problem this weekend in a town with having several mains outages in a suburb.

Its duration and cadences caused to reset almost all SMs in such area (+ 20 !!!).

Now I'm going to disable the "remote reset" funcionatility on all the SMs and in the template config used for new SMs, too.

Anyway this method of remote reset seems not well enginnered... as the chance of accidentally reset an SM is consider it... Any chance to re-enginner it?



They added the ability to turn it off.  Many of the new PTMP radios on all manufactures reset with a similar pattern.   Otherwise use a UPS.  


the sequence is pretty hard to randomly get,   the radio has to be power cycled. then on for at least 10 seconds, but not fully booted.   then off for 3 to 5 seconds, back on for 3 seconds, back off for 3 to 5 seconds then back off for 3 to 5 more seconds for the reset to happen.   


unfortunate, you were extremely unlucky as a normal power outage or even a few surges don't happen in that specific of a pattern often

the pattern is specified on page 263 in the usermanual for release 2.5.1

>They added the ability to turn it off.

How did I miss this ! !    I know what I'll be doing to all our radios tonight.

We had all six APs on one site default during a storm. Also defaulted 7 customer radios all within a couple of blocks of the tower.  Have serveral customers with remote solar set ups and recently has several of them running a single 12v cheap battery setup default after about 5 days of very overcast, rainy, drizzly weather.  We have one customer that is running his off some rinky dink black&decker solar / battery thing and his radio has defaulted 3 times in the two months he has been a customer.  We finally told him this last time (yesterday actually) that he needed a better power setup and that we would start charging him a service call for coming out and reprogramming his radio.

Hopefully it was the power off/on in the correct pattern resetting them and turning it off will remedy the problem. If it was a low voltage issue, especially on the solar customers, the I wonder if turning that off will actually help.