Outdoor Event "Opera for All" in Zurich, Switzerland

We at Lesswire (Switzerland) are specialized in the rental of network and WiFi equipment for corporate events, sporting events, festivals and many more.

The described project "Opera for All" is an outdoor event in the middle of Zurich. The Zurich Opera House broadcasts a performance live on a large LED screen and the audience can watch it for free.
Our mission was to distribute two audio livestreams all over the square exclusively for people with a hearing or visual handicap. The streams are generated by a Sennheiser Encoding System and received by the Sennheiser MobileConnect App on the user's smartphone. On one stream the opera performance was narrated and on the other stream the orchestra and performers were amplified.

In use were 3x Xirrus XR-4836 controlled by XMS-Enterprise.

Setup time including configuration and tests: 3 hours.

We used the clumsy outdoor enclosure type "Bell" because of uncertain weather development during the event.

The third XR-4836 was placed in front of the LED screen (not visible on this picture).

 Coverage 5GHz band.

The 2.4GHz band was quite loaded, but worked well. The coverage in the 5GHz band was flawless.

Almost 10k spectators watched the opera. The Xirrus XR-4836 Arrays were in ideal position at the Truss Tower and in front of the LED screen. The Sennheiser MobileConnect App was used by about 300 people with hearing or visual impairment.



This is a great story and thank you for the photos. If we create a case study, will you be able to review it?


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This can be used as a case study, it is a public event and in this case it is an interesting use of WiFi.


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