Outdoor WiFi with only 3 ePMPs

Outdoor WiFi coverage can be brought where you need it with only 3 ePMP units - two units to form a point to point link, and a third for WiFi access.

An ePMP unit can be converted to an ePMP 1000 Hotspot by loading the Hotspot software image and adding a pair of omnidirectional antennas. This converts the ePMP unit into a standard WiFi hotspot, which normal WiFi client devices can connect to. This WiFi hotspot can be powered directly from the Aux port of the ePMP subscriber module, and its WiFi traffic is backhauled over the ePMP link.

The screenshot below shows how to enable Power over Ethernet out of the ePMP subscriber module Aux port, under:

  • Configuration
    • Network

The photo below shows the ePMP subscriber module with PoE enabled powering an ePMP 1000 Hotspot.

ePMP powering hotspot.jpg