Overlapping Sektors/Coverage Planning


we’ve a mixed urban/rural area to cover. Our experience is in the rural area as we’re filling DSL-Gaps at
the moment with 5GHz Wlan.

Now we want to add Wimax 3,5GHz (we’ve licensed 2x10MHz spectrum and we might get additional
2x10MHz when needed). In rural area coverage planning is quite simple as there are small overlaps.

In Urban area we’ve to place more APs and we’ll get overlaps of sectors in the same frequency.
Especially sectors at high sites which do overall coverage with lower sectors in the city which should
supply indoor coverage around them (Business Centers). Of course we do not direct the sectors at
the same frequency to each other. But as we’re not free in the placement of our APs and terrain
isnt a chessboard we cant place them without overlap.

How is your experience in Urban areas. Is it doable with GPS-Sync and limited spectrum or do we
need to go to 3,5GHz Channels and get as much available spectrum as possible.