overloading a sm

need some informed opinions here.

i have a 2.4 ap cluster and one sector is serving a one sm for a cable coop that i am using a bsr and a dhcp server to provide internet through thier local cable coop and everything is ticking along ok for about 4-6months and then the speeds really start to drop off on the local users of the cable modems.

i then check the stats for the sm and the jitter is above 7 which is to high.
no matter what i cannot drop the jitter down, but as soon as i changed the sm to a new one with the same config and no change in dish location or pointing i get a jitter of 1 to 2 and the speed on the cable coop goes back up.

the speed issue is obviously the packet resend from ap to sm that is causing the issue because the jitter is so high but why would it all of a sudden go bad and every 4 to 6 months.

i have rewired and checked everyting that i can think of any suggestions…

i should also mention that i have a vlan running for the cable coop

try defaulting and resetting to factory defaults. what firmware are you running.

sometimes canopy units start to misbehave and a factory reset cures them. don’t know why yet but looking into it.