Overloading your etherWAN switch

Is anyone out there experiencing erratic behavior from their PMP320 AP Clusters that you think are attributable to the POS (crappy) etherWAN switch in the CMM4?

Has anyone bypassed the etherWAN switch and fed the CMM4 ports directly from their High End Core/Edge Switch/Router?

I think we’re overloading our etherWAN’s capabilities. Every so often during peak bandwidth we will lose connectivity to a few of the routers we have downstream of the CMM4>>AP>>CPE bridge for a time period of about 5 minutes. During this time the APs and the CPEs are reachable, but nothing downstream of the CPE. Sometimes it is for a whole AP sector, sometimes it is for seemingly random CPEs across multiple sectors. We have several subnets that are routed downstream of the CPEs and they have not yet shown to be a factor. The connectivity spans different subnets.

I am running Wireshark (dumpcap) on a port mirrored to the one that connects our core to the CMM4. I can see traffic leaving our core to the ‘disconnected’ downstream routers, but no return traffic. When I say peak times, dumpcap gathered a 32M file in 42 seconds. I have waded through the capture files for extraneous broadcast or misrouted packets, but they all seem proper. We run a LOT of voice traffic…

I’m going to lab up a CMM4 without the etherWAN switch for testing. Anybody out there got any experience doing this with some ‘lookout’ advise?

Yes we have one in use now witout the Etherwan and going directly to a 3550 layer 3 switch. It works fine. Our team didnt like the interface of the Etherwan and didnt want to have a mixed environment.

The Etherwan switch is good if you have a remote location with no rack space or anything all outdoor and you only want to put the CMM4 there.

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I bypassed the CMM4 Switch and went straight to either a Cisco 2950 or 2960.

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alliance: I am having serious trouble getting the CMM4 board to connect to my Lab 3550 without losing a LOT of packets due to port negotiations. I’ve even forced the ports on the 3550 to 100Full.

Did you have this problem? What was the workaround?

we use packet flux timers… simple and you can use what ever switch you want with them.

Hi, can you describe how did you not use the etherwan? Thanks!

@igorpaes wrote:

Hi, can you describe how did you not use the etherwan? Thanks!

Inside the CMM4 is a board that does PoE + sync injection and 8 little patch cables to the Etherwan. Remove Etherwan and run 8 cables down the tower from the remaining CMM board to your switch