Override Ethernet Configuration

Hello cambium community,

I’m wondering if there’s a way to override the configuration of the Network–>Ethernet port 2-4 of the AP Group (kind of User Defined Override)

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I’m using ePSK on a WLAN to segment by areas some devices, and i want to make the ports 2-3 been Access Ports and depending on the area choose the VLAN they must belong to.
I’d like to use the same AP Group and just override on each AP the vlan for Access ports 2-3
I know I can make different AP Groups but as I’ll be using around 100 Vlans I ratter use 1 AP Group

Hope you can help me
Thanks in advance

@InesRC , did you check out this post?

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Thank you so much @KumarK !
It seems I don’t know how to research.