P2P abuser, should I move him from alvarion to canopy?

we have a breezeaccess 2.4 fhss customer who anhilates the AP when he is online with his p2p. we have turned him off, warned him, begged him, cried, etc.

We have a colod 900 canopy system thats new. If we move this guy over to the canopy, will he affect the other users? This isnt a bandwidth usage issue, its strictly a pps issue, All Im concerned about is whether or not he will be a detriment to the other canopy users. This is a new system and I dont want to add a problem to it if I can avoid it.

As I understand it, the only person he will affect is himself, I just want to confirm this prior to the move.

Canopy has WAY more PPS capability than Alvarion.

jwcn wrote:
Canopy has WAY more PPS capability than Alvarion.

Are you sure?
I have read that BreezeAccess VL can process > 40.000 PPS (64k).

900 MHz P10 can handle 4600 pps and P9 can move 3600 with 9.0 software. A heavy P2P user can decimate that really fast, if you let him. With the low bandwidth that can turn into some very expensive congestion. His ability to do damage would be very limited if the radio was throttled to a 128 kbps profile, for example.

If he is willing to cooperate you can have him limit the amount of concurrent connections in his client (if this is BitTorrent) and set a speed limitation. If not I wouldn’t hesitate to clamp his speed down until he gets the point. I wouldn’t exclude the possibility of cancelling his service if the network abuse continues, or perhaps charging an administrative investigation fee.

You are never obligated to provide someone service, especially if they are abusing it.

In an instance like this I wouldn’t hesitate to suspend or terminate service. No single customer is worth affecting the performance of the rest of your customers on an AP.

hes currently shut off for this, and no he wont work with us on it.

kicking him off aside, Im still not sure what answer Im getting here, If I limit his bandwidth to his rate plan in the radio, which is 512, with a low or non existent burst, will he affect other users?

The issue here though as I said is not bandwidth, he only actually pulls around 2-300 k, but his pps is huge (just based on a snmp packet graph from the alavarion access point) even if I throttled his bandwidth down to 128k, I dont think that would improve the issue.

the alvarion gear just cant handle him. But restating the original question, will he affect other users on the canopy setup, these are P10 boards running 8.x software that will be getting upgraded to 9.x.

I have zero concern about bandwidth, bandwidth itself does not need addressed, will his traffic in itself affect the other users?

The answer is “maybe” because you have not provided enough info. How many PPS is he pushing? What are the packet sizes? We cannot give answers without knowing the full picture. Canopy has a good scheduler but it isn’t magic, and to my knowledge there is not PPS flow rate that can be implemented, only bandwidth. Depending on his packet sizes your bandwidth control will set the maximum packet rate. (64 byte packets at 128 kbps is roughly 2000 PPS)

It’s likely he will be less of an impact on the Canopy - especially if you set the radio to 512 x 128 with 0 burst.

personally if he is not willing to cooperate then he would be violation of ToS and subsequently should be disconnected.

we are doing an administratve move to canopy, they are shut off until then. I just wish people would learn how to properly configure their p2p client

Steve is speaking of the BAII not VL which is what my comment was in accordance with.

I use VL for backhaul and have never had a PPS problem.

not sure if the P2P abuser is still an issue but here’s my 2 cents on the subject. I had a P2P abuser on my network and I put a rule in my firewall to throttle P2P traffic down to 64k. All other traffic is 2meg and haven’t had a problem since.