P2P misbehavior

There is a situation we are facing with some of our radio devices,
There is a P2P link that we have installed and it sometimes work fine. But sometimes what happens is that the radio link from one end is reachable and you can even access it using its management IP address but the Ethernet port is down.
We have tried serveral solutions to solve this but the problem keeps coming back.
We tried to change cables multiple times, we tried to change POE adapter and we even tried to change routers to another brand new router but still the problem persist.
Strange enough link can be down for two/three even four days and then go up by it self.

Sometimes it’s down for few hrs and restores after sometime.
This is a huge problem for us now because now its goes down and up after every 10/20 mints.

Kindly help

Hi Simon,

Could you tell us which Cambium products you are using?

Thanks, Mark

This Force 300 Radios

This can occur when on the local power system there are variable speed drives which have no, or unsatisfactory line side filters. We had this happen at a local Casino where when the ventilation fan with a VSD which had a requirement for an external line side filter which was not fitted caused all the ethernet considerable interference so network devices could not communicate. This also happened at the local airport that when the baggage carrousel was turned on, Customs network crashed.

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