P8 Access Point and P10 Subscriber Module

Will a P10, Non-Advantage, Classic Subscriber Module connect and talk to a P8, Non-Advantage Classic AP running software scheduling.



What is currently being made that will connect? Can anyone provide more information?

P10 supports only hardware scheduling. You will have to upgrade the AP to P9 or P10 board.

Remember the “Upgrade to Advantage” program from 2005?

This was part off the upgrade path where you would eventually need to have Advantage (P9) AP’s as Moto was going to go exclusively HW scheduling.

Here is what I was told from Canopy Tech Support last night. I asked if a P10 SM could talk to a P8 AP. The first question he asked was what version of firmware the SM was running. I told him I did not know because I was in the process of purchasing them and needed to have this question answered prior to doing that.

He said that all P10 SM’s produced are loaded with firmware version 8.x.x. He said that firmware is automatically running Hardware Scheduling and is NOT able to be downgraded to a firmware version with the option to run hardware OR software.

My AP’s are all P8 running firmware version 6.1. Please, no comments. This version of firmware has run very well for us and I’m not going to fix something unless it is broke.

I thought the difference between hardware and software scheduling was the latency of the hop between the AP and SM? And I thought the difference between advantage and non-advantage was the throughput of the radio? But I also thought I heard somewhere along the lines that there was some type of backwards compatibility?

What SM’s will work with my AP’s?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know why he asked for the version. P10SM’s cannot communicate with P8 AP’s regardless of the version. The reason for this is that the P8’s cannot run HW and the P10’s cannot run SW.

P9 AP’s (Advantage and Non-Advantage) can run in HW with 7.2.9 or later.

You can look for used P9 and P8 SM’s running 7.3.6 or earlier that can run in SW. This will allow you to continue to use your P8 AP’s. I’d highly recommend upgrading the AP’s and SM’s to 7.3.6 though, it is much more stable than 6.1 (this from the guy who is still holding out on upgrading to 8.x)

You are correct, the difference in HW vs HW is improved latency, and stability.

Correct again, the main difference in Advantage and non-Advantage AP’s is throughput.

Backwards compatibility was assuming you had upgraded to Advantage AP’s where future SM’s would be designed to work with the Advantage AP’s regardless of the board version, P10, P11, P12…

you have to change ur AP version to 7.3.6 1st.then u have fpga version 051104.now try changing to hardware scheduler using CNUT tool.THE NEW FPGA VERSION WOULD BE 071305, if it works you are lucky.if not change ur AP TO P9.

Thanks for the replies. They have been very helpful.

Not to intrude on the thread topic, but the reason I am looking for these SM’s is because we have (2) that have been hit by lightning. We believe the lightning strikes came in over the AC, went up the Ethernet cable to the module and has destroyed “at least” the data pins on the RJ-45 connector. I am pretty sure I have located the connector, and have found distributors for the HALO chip located directly behind the RJ-45 connector.

My other question is, does anyone know of any other circuit board components that are included in the Ethernet circuit. I noticed there is an SMC chip with a P/N of LANxxxx in the middle of the board. I can only assume this is also part of the circuit, and worst case this chip is ruined as well.

My intention is to try to get all of the components included in the circuit and repair the units.