Pair of PMP450i for a PTP wirless bridge?

(background: Newbie to Cambium Networks gear. Have setup PTP bridges using DD-WRT and Ubiquiti for family & friends for 15 years.)

Being unfamiliar with Cambium Networks, I’m trying to figure out if a pair of PMP450i’s (900MHz) SM’s (C009045C001A) can be setup as a simple layer 2 bridge. Would this work, or would I need an AP on one side?

Cambium actually offers a 900 PTP setup which would work fine, but not the most cost effective solution, but when you need 900 Mhz penetration, it works well. Its also much more cost effective solution an a 900 AP and SM Using the 900 PTP 450 with KP performance 17 dbi Yagis it would provide some real punch. Just don’t expect to get 200 meg through the link. With a 10 Mhz channel, which is applicable in the real world, you could expect north of 60 meg throughput if you can get the modulation. If by some miracle you could run a 20 Mhz channel, the system claims throughput of 130 meg.


The part you want is C009045B001A PTP450 900MHz End, Connectorized ODU

The KP antenna part is KPPA-900DPY17 | 900 MHz 17.5 dBi Dual Pol Yagi Antenna (5 Pack Box)

I believe some KP resellers offer it in single unit quantities.


Have purchased singles from the following vendor.