PAL's and GAA's

I have been searching for an answer to this question that I’m having a hard time finding out. I have 2 PAL’s to use in my county, is it possible to use that 20Mhz and an adjacent 20Mhz in GAA to get a useable 40Mhz channel?

Hi Ryan,

This is a great question that I’m sure many operators have. Two part answer for you…
I’m assuming your question is in regards to Cambium PMP 450 operation. With today’s current PMP SW, when the radio asks for a 40 MHz channel, it asks for this with one 40 MHz wide grant request. In the PAL + GAA scenario that you described in your question, if you ask for one 40 MHz grant it will be rejected by all SASs because you cannot combine PAL and GAA in a single grant request. HOWEVER, Cambium is presently planning a new SW release (before PALs go live with the SAS Admins) that will allow an operator to convert their existing single large grant into multiple smaller Grants (four adjacent 10 MHz grants in your example case). With this in place, the answer to your specific question changes to Yes! Again, all channels must be adjacent … as you stated.

Hi David,

Thank you so much for the answer. I WAS talking about the 450 and this explains why I couldn’t find a straight answer.