PAP Password scrambled when using external hotspot and radius

I have a hotspot setup on MikroTik with both Unifi and Mikrotik access points. The hotspot service runs exclusively on the MikroTik with RADIUS authentication with PAP and HTTPS. So far I have been able to use any access point so long as I make it open. However, when I started testing with cnPilot e500/e501s APs, i noted that clients could no longer authenticate. On further investigation I noticed that the password seemed to be encoded but I couldn’t figure out the encoding. The live RADIUS server is reachable via an ovpn tunnel. I tried testing with a local radius server but then the password became plain-text (utf8). Switching back to the live RADIUS server over ovpn causes the password to be re-encoded again. The cnPilot is set to open and should thus not interfere with the hotspot login process. I’m stumped and would appreciate any help sending the PAP password as plain text. This is a sample encoded password

MikroTik RouterOs version 6.49.3
cnPilot Firmware Version 4.2.1r12

John Gaitho,

Recently we have seen similar kind of issue with Microtik-RouterOs-Radius Server can you please share me the techsupport file of the AP and radius packet capture on my email id to debug the issue further