Part / Model for ePMP power supply with the white lettering

I really just need to know if N000900L001D has white lettering for the PoE / LAN ports.

Need to order some of the gigabit power supplies for ePMP BUT I want the ones with “White” lettering not the old, impossible for any normal customer to make out, dark gold(?) on black power supplies.

I’m pretty sure the part I need is either
N000900L001C (older/long candy bar Gigabit PS/PoE with white lettering ?)
N000900L001D (newer/short candy bar Gigabit PS/PoE with white lettering ?)

I can’t find N000900L001C at any of my usual suppliers but several have D .

But when look for these from my regular (or anywhere) they either don’t have a picture of the PS or the picture is of the old gold/black or there will be one with the white lettering pictured but the A or B model number…

Even when I find the docs on Cambiums website for N000900L001D I find it less than helpful that there are two different spec sheets for N000900L001D and they show two different power supplies

2.5Gb ? It’s even printed on the pictured PS

And this one but the picture doesn’t show the face so I have no idea what color the lettering is.

Why is even just ordering power supplies so hard ? Oh and Cambium going the extra step to make things more confusing, the power supplies and everyone else on the planet show N000900L001D as the “Part Number” and while the "Model " is something entirely different Cambium refers to the part# as the model…

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the C version has white lettering but it is only a 15w model, plenty for most applications!

I have an old one with gold lettering, the part number is N000900L001B

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