Part number differences question

I’m looking for a couple of basic point-to-point wireless bridges, in one case about 60ft and the other about 2,000. Both line of sight, no obstructions. I’ve just begun using the Cambium products last year and so far have only used a few models of indoor AP and one outdoor AP.

The Bridge-in-a-box data sheet shows two different part numbers that look relevant, “C058900B701A” Bridge-in-a-Box UHD 5 GHz (FCC) (US cord), and “C050900B705A” Bridge-in-a-Box UHD 5 GHz (ROW) (US cord).

Can anyone tell me what the differences are? Or if a different part number is recommended? I want the devices to be manageable in my cnMaestro portal.

Thank you.

If your operating in the United States, you need to use the FCC version… if you are operating outside then use ROW. Both are fully compatible with cnMaestro.

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Great, thanks so much for the feedback!

Both use the same cords but fcc has the country setting factory locked to USA .