Passing multiple vlans over a PTP link

I know that by leaving the Cambium in transparent mode all vlans will pass thru but what is the port config on the switch, is an access port fine or does it need to be a trunk port

In most switching platforms if you simply want want to pass any vlan that a port is a member of you would set it to trunk. Access ports usually take untagged traffic and add a vlan and sent it out it out. Depending on your switch vendor some may pass only vlans it knows about and are flagged on a trunk port while others default to passing all vlans by default if none are defined


On both the Canopy-based PTPs (PTP-100, PTP-450) and the larger Orthogon units (PTP-600, PTP-650) they are full bridges, passing tagged and untagged frames. The only thing you need to worry about is the VLAN ID (or not), and how you handle QoS classification.

If you want to pass more than one VLAN your switch needs to be trunked.