password gone after upgrading from 7.3.6 to 8.1.4

I decided after a nice long grace period to upgrade one of my P9 access points runnibg 7.3.6 to 8.1.4 before upgrading it to 8.1.5

I took the plunge today, a few minutes ago and now I cannot access the same AP. It says immediately that my password is incorrect or I have tried to log on with the wrong password too many times.

I know my password very well because I use it every single day.

I know i am not typing the wrong password

I now want to downgrade my AP back to 7.3.6 to see if that works.

Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

Never mind… found out I have to now use admin or root as the username.

however, it says scheduling is software, is this normal. i know i’m running hardware, and all my subscrivbers are up…