Password problem

Hi all,

I am facing a problem while changing any parameters in my Canopy AP web interface. Every time I try to change any parameter, it asks for the username & password. Interestingly, then the username & password do not work although the correct username & password are entered.

Please suggest something to overcome this problem.
Thank you all.

try just the password and no username

:frowning: …It is not working too.

Now what to do ?

install the default plug and log in using and reset the password their is no username. Take default plug out and reboot. Log back in using the ip you defined.

Well…yes this is surely the last choice :lol: Actually I wanted to find if there any other ways to solve the problem

I wanted to find if there any other ways to solve the problem

Remember the correct password? :lol:


Let me clear the thing…I can logon to the web interface of the AP using the username & password that I set earlier. But the problem is…in the configuration screen if I change something (for example, if i change the color code) and then press ‘save settings’, then it asks for the username & password. Then I enter the username & password which I normally use during the login prompt. Unfortunately, these username & password donot work and after three such attempts, it says ‘Unauthorized’. I need to add here that…there is no other password except the login password in this AP.

Thanks for your important suggestions guys. I need your help.

You have 2 level’s of entry that require a password. Someone has changed the admin password by accident or on purpose. Unless you can find the person who changed it( ask around the office ) then the only option is the default plug.

You have 2 level's of entry that require a password

This is true. You have the Display-Only Access password and the Full Access password. Chances are either you are entering the Display-Only password or, like clueless said, someone has changed the password on you.
Unless you have the password the only option is a local reset - default plug and reconfigure.

Just a note, there is no need to enter a username for loging into a Canopy radio via the web interface.


Anyone ever read the page that you get when you enter the wrong password in 3 times? Someone took their time to create that work of art. :slight_smile:

That is a good read. The error page from the CMM Micro is different.


Did you ever get the password? or did you haft to use the default plug? :?: