Patch Cables

Does anyone have any suggestion for High Quality Patch Cables. 3-15 foot ranges.

I hear Hubbell is great, just wondering if anyone has other suggestions.

High quality? not sure what you mean, cat6? cable is a cable IMHO so we make our own as we need them, Much cheaper that way unless you need it to be shielded or just don’t want to make them why pay for them? just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

By High quality I mean manfacturer wise. Over the years we’ve mainly used cheap factory patch cables. But alot of them are a pain in the butt. The connectors get stuck mainly and you need to use a pair of pliers to get them out of the jack. Not user friendly at all.

We have a bunch of these in use in our NOC, and I hate them. They always get stuck in the switches.

So I want to move to a higher quality patch cable. And I want to use factory ended cables, since this is our NOC we’re talking about.

I understand what your talking about about just makeing your own. We typically do. I just sleep better at night knowing that there are factory ended cables in the NOC.

okay i see what you mean, don’t blame u at all. its been my experience that the factory cables always have the issue of not being able to get to the clip with your hand. I attribute that to the casing the put around the clip. we did have a bag of cat6 6’ jumpers around that i’ve used and been very happy with but i have no idea where they came from. so alas i’m am of no help
I know I fail :slight_smile:

You get an “E” for effort! :slight_smile:

We buy a lot of Startech cables these days. Once you get an account set up with them the pricing on the website goes waaay down. Had a lot of success with the snagless ends that are just a sort of rubber tab that comes out of the strain relief moulding as opposed to those crappy 'dome’s that are part of a boot that slips over the end of the RJ45 connector.

The thing about Startech though is that the length selection is really crappy outside of blue. Can get really annoying if you color code things like we do.

Yup…that was another plus about the Hubbell cables…lots of colours and lengths.

Looks like your in Canada, so maybe check out these guys:

We’ve been buying our cables from them for years. They have lots of colors and size selection.

Cool site, though I’m a bit skeptical of the big jump from 1 -> 2 -> 3 meters in length. That’s a lot of excess slack!

EDIT: Oh hang on, a bunch of pages have “custom lengths available”. That’s nice.

And definitely down with red-only crossovers. Wish there was an actual standard hehe. Damn things keep masquerading as normal cables…