Path Profile Programs

At the momenent I am using ComStudy 2 and I am having some problems with using the program. The trouble is getting an accurate path profile for a customers home. Where I am the terrian is slightly hilly and large trees. For the life of me I cannot figure out a way to factor in tree height and pole height to determine if a customer can get Canopy service. If any one has any ideas or is familiar with this program, let me know. Thanks

We have been using Pathloss 4.0 for around 8 years now - it’s as accurate as your terrain data. It’s also expensive. We do a lot of 2-way work and use this for UHF, VHF and maicroave paths as well. We also sell our path studies so the program has paid for itself over the years. Fairly accurate terrain data can be found at Geobase or USGS.


canopy/orthogon link estimator allows you to put in buildings/trees/obstructions