PCs per SM limit & providing different QoS for those PCs

Dear All,

Is there a limit on the number of PCs that can connect to a single SM via a hub or router?

I am trying to compare the different products in the market. Proxim’s RSUs have a limitation of 8 while their SUs don’t have a limit. What about Motorola Canopy SMs? Do they have a limit?

A second question:
Assuming that this is a residential building with different subscribers can I apply different QoS settings for the different users depending on the subscription they buy? Perhaps BAM can not do it as it deals with the SM as a singular unit, but I guess the NA from IP3networks can handle it. Am I correct in this?

How many VLAN tags can the canopy system handle?

Thanks in advance,

In theory I do not think there is any type of limit like that. We have a hotel customer with 60 rooms and don’t have any problems.

I don’t think BAM can do any type of throttling, as you mentioned because BAM looks at the MAC address of the SM. A switch with VLANs and QoS could do this for you before traffic is passed onto the SM. You already seem to know what you are talking about.