People who've moved to proportional scheduler?

Just wondering how it’s been any gotchas to watch out for? Working with a network running legacy scheduler and looking to start eaking out as much bandwidth as we can when we go to 22.0. Proportional is something we’re looking at as an option as we definitly have some poor installs weighing down the network, so the idea was to enable proportional, set the new radius parameters for SM bandwidths (because their different for proportional instead for some reason), and then Lock all below 6X to 6X.

Thought about locking all to 6x but as i understand it that would weight even more bandwidth towards the people with 8X modulations giving them 6x frame space instead of the 8x space they would get, it seemed like locking below 6x to 6x seemed like the easiest first step toward a transition? Anyones thoughts on this?

The way i understand it from a technical stand point if i do the lock below 6x to 6x, that means the lowest capacity at 100% utilization a panel should have is whatever 6X modulation is for that channel size (plus MU-MIMO gains etc), but should be higher than 6X because the 8X guys still get their 8X performance… So no more weird panels with couple bad eggs dragging sector down to 50mbps at 100% utilization… Riiiiggghhhttt?

I’m interested in answers to this as well, though as a general rule I never upgrade to a .0 release of software from any vendor, proprietary or open source :slight_smile:

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Haha ya that’s secretly why I haven’t done it yet normally if theirs issues they pop up a beta on the beta side for a .1 or .0.1 for a bug fix which is why I’ve dragged my heals a bit since end of year but it’s been almost 2 months and haven’t seen a patch beta and mostly good reviews except some lte Colo confusion with tdm splits… so think by next week I’ll just pull the trigger if no .0.1 beta rears it’s head as missing out on 10-30% more bandwidth on congested panels is a biggie.

Just realized I have 2 accounts lol

If you use cnMaestro, you might want to hold off until this issue has been fixed:

Thanks for the heads up guess the .0 curse remains lol will wait for .1 lol

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