Percentage on how long the report being generate

It would be a good idea to really put a percentage of the report that are being generated dont you think?

1. We would know how long it would take till we can download the report.

2. It would really help us from cursing on how stupid this is that we cannot see or know that the report are REALLY being generate

3. As per no 2, itll help us not to get on our nerve.

4. Waiting game is not fun not knowing the report are being generate or not.

It looks like we have an opportunity to address something that is really bothering you.  However, I am not sure what exactly it is that you'd like us to do here. Can you be more specific about which product this relates to, and which report you're trying to generate?  Also, what would you like to see the feature do, just report status during report creation, or something else?

What else "reporting" inside cnmaestro? all reporting that are supported by cnmaestro.

1. i want to know how long it would take until the download button shows

2. the progress of the report generating until the download button is available

what happened is i waited for 3hrs for the download button to be available and yet it not showing anything. i canceled the job and started again.

i dont know wether the report is stuck generating or what. its very unconvenient to just wait for the download button without knowing how the generating progress are. 

FYI there's no popup block on my browser. As you know it just inform that your download will be available soon. How soon? because 3 hrs is not soon. its like you downloading a 2+GB movie without knowing the progess and  waited for 1 whole day for it to finish the download. Weird is your internet connection is 100Mbps. You know what i mean?