Perform global Monitor->Performance "Reset Stats" via cnMaestro?

I am looking to perfom a "Reset Stats" for all of our SMs globally. Is there a json script I can run via a template in cnMaestro that can accomplish this??


I don't think it is possible today.

It can done through SNMP set command.

cambiumStatsForceUpdate OBJECT-TYPE
		SYNTAX	   Integer32 (0|1)
		MAX-ACCESS read-write
		STATUS	   current
		"Cambium Statistics Update/Reset Action
		Statistic is updated automatically in the background each 15sec
		SNMP-GET on This OID forces update of subsequent Statistics tree
		SNMP-SET on This OID Resets all of the subsequent Statistic
		Device Allocation: AP, SM"
		::= { cambiumPerformanceMonitoring 1 }

I will doublecheck whether it can be somehow done in cnMaestro and revert to you shortly.

Thank you.