Performance difference between TDD and PTP TDD

Is there a performance difference between TDD and TDD PTP?

Slightly – in TDD PTP, the AP isn’t watching for any new associations, and isn’t using frame capacity keeping room on for how to schedule 30 or 60 clients which may connect.

BUT (as far as I know) it’s essentially the same as TDD with a MaxClients set to 1 - so not dramatic performance differences between the two modes as far as I’m aware.

EDIT: Oh yeah… I forgot about the power that brubble mentioned below. :slight_smile:


Depending on regulatory domain and/or the frequency being used PTP is allowed more power/EIRP.


The biggest difference between tdd and ptp modes is the latency. ePTP has less latency due to being self timed and the frame timing is not that important for system coordination. But you will have issues with frequency reuse if it is not planned properly and you must ensure sufficient vertical separation. between link radios.
TDD may add more latency but the perk of being timed allows links to be within inches of each other and since the links are synced to the same source as your APs you will have better SNR for that tower. The main difference really is latency and it isnt much.