Personal Wi-Fi?


  • Personal Wi-Fi
    In Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU), users can now create a secure and personal Wi-Fi environment by
    creating a unique SSID. Users can connect multiple devices to this personal Wi-Fi.

Is there more info on this somewhere?

I thought it was going to be a PERSONAL PASSWORD on the MDU SSID that sent you to your subnet using EPSK?


Just watched this…
watched it about 5 times…

When the person wanders the property… they have to connect to the Common SSID right?

This is not addressed in this video. How do they connect to the Common SSID?

I may not be “getting it” but whats the point?

Why not have an EPSK for each user on the Common SSID?

@Springs , sorry I missed your first question. The ePSK functionality stays the same as before - meaning the MDU (common property) SSID provides each user a private VLAN with their unique PSK. With personal Wi-Fi, each unit can choose its own SSID name along with the same PSK and VLAN. So in effect, all devices in the home or on the MDU SSID using the same PSK will be on the same VLAN. The roaming devices can choose to associate with the Personal Wi-Fi SSID or the MDU SSID, it doesn’t matter. Hope this makes sense to you.

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I just don’t get why you would want to have personal SSID.

Have the one SSID for the whole property.
Issue each customer a EPSK.

That gives them their own private VLAN that extends all over the property. Then make sure the VLAN is tagged on physical ports in the room.

Or am I still not getting it?

@Springs, I agree that this feature is not for everyone. It’s a “Personal” choice (pun intended!). I do want to point out that there are some technical problems that this solves - for example, with a single SSID in a dense MDU, it is possible that each device may see 20+ BSSIDs, and several IoT devices get confused and refuse to connect to anyone. Having a personalized SSID for each unit (or troublesome units) resolves this issue. And from a non-technical perspective, it gives the tenant some personalization and a “feeling” of security and privacy. So some of our customers consider this as a good selling point.

Just so I am clear… customer walks out of their unit and around the property… they have to roam to the COMMON WiFi with their EPSK. Which will VLAN them back to their unit.

So… they don’t NEED the personal WiFi.

Connecting all their devices to the COMMON WiFI with their EPSK would put them in their own subnet/VLAN.

@Springs , yes you are correct - this is exactly how ePSK works currently. With Personal Wi-Fi, you have the option to create a second personalized SSID per unit and get all stationary devices in the unit to associate with the personal SSID. If you don’t want to do that, or your customers don’t care about this, you can continue using ePSK the way it works currently.