PHP Soap

We have a software we made to do linktests by looking up the AP by MAC in prizm. We then lookup ip info from prizm and do snmp to ap for linktests and report results back. We deployed a new Server using Prizm 3.2 due to failing equipment and now the northbound interfaces seems unuseable for soap calls.

object(SoapClient)#1 (6) { [“uri”]=> string(16) “NetworkIfService” [“location”]=> string(36) “https://<IP>6:8443/prizm/nbi” ["_login"]=> string(10) “<username>” ["_password"]=> string(3) “<password>” [“trace”]=> int(1) ["_soap_version"]=> int(1) }

Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [soapenv:Server.userException] java.rmi.RemoteException: Northbound Interface Not Available.; nested exception is: java.rmi.ServerException: RemoteException occurred in server thread; nested exception is: java.rmi.RemoteException: Invalid Service Name: Canopy.Prizm.NorthboundInterface in /var/www/canopy/acctest.php:115 Stack trace: #0 [internal function]: SoapClient->__call(‘getPrizmElement…’, Array) #1 /var/www/canopy/acctest.php(115): SoapClient->getPrizmElements(Array, Array, Array) #2 {main} thrown in /var/www/canopy/acctest.php on line 115

Any one ever experience this ? i have tried a sample taken from the forum to show networks and ids for them and this fails also (with ip and un/pw updated of course)

- Joe

Problem solved. Prizm Being stupid again.