PHY ID missing on 450b 3G SM on 22.1.1 firmware

We upgraded our network from to 22.1 firmware this week and noticing that 450b 3G High Gain SMs are no longer reporting PHY ID for the ethernet port under Statistics>Ethernet. I checked a 450 3G Connectorized SM and a 450 3G Integrated SM and both of those are showing PHY ID of Micrel KSZ8041 (0x00221510).

I found a 450b 3G High Gain SM that had not yet been updated from to 22.1.1, grabbed a screenshot of the Ethernet Stats page, updated the SM to 22.1.1 using CNUT and grabbed another screenshot for comparison. On firmware, the SM showed a PHY ID of Atheros 8035 (0x004dd070); on the 22.1.1 firmware the PHY ID is N/A.