Physically Smallest 60-90 Degree 900 Panel

we need to add a panel to a tower, that there is limited space on, so were looking for the smallest possible panel for this situation. looking everywhere we can, but just wondered if you guys had any experience or recommendations. thanks.

bust open a 900mhz telephone and grab that antenna.

somehow i doubt that would work.

Use an integrated AP. There is no other 60* H-POL that works as well for the size.

Jerry Richardson wrote:
Use an integrated AP. There is no other 60* H-POL that works as well for the size.

weve had some strange problems with the integrated AP's in the past, plus there to pricey and bulky for this application

I found this earlier today on til-teks website

Does anybody have any info or experience with these panels?

These are NOT the greatest antennas on the market by any means. Keep that in mind. Lots of Null Space.

IMO, you are much better off going with the Integrated AP from Moto then the Tiltek or the Superpass shown here.

Paul, PDMNet

i really don’t like the integrated AP’s. we have had to many strange failures from them.

We only use them on one tower (6 60 degree) for the exact reason you are, and they have been perfect for 2 years… its just an AP an antenna, though we have 3 of them that run the filters and three 3 that dont and they all work fine. I wouldnt hesitate to use them again on another tower.

We normally just do 3 120s, but if they outgrow capacity we will have to do another 6 sector ring.

I have a competitor (friendly that has 6 of those on every tower he has for over 2 years and no problems other than the occasionl lightning hit).

If you find a better option that stays within EIRP, please let us know.

Paul, PDMNet