PIDU DC Input Voltage

Dears ,

I need to know the Min and Max DC voltage Value for PTP-650 PIDU .

Also , i would like to know what will happen if DC Value became 54 V .


I believe the PTP650 AC+DC PIDU (C000065L002B) input voltage is 37-60VDC.

Thanks  a lot for your feedback , but i need to know the part relate to the cable .

And teh DC Protection Circuit , how it operates as i saw many posts confirming that if DC Input voltage exceeded 58 V , power injector will deliver it to the Outdoor unit which will cause it's failure 


The minimum and maximum voltages are as described in the table above, 37-60VDC.

- 60 V is the maximum voltage for the PTP650, and for safety

- 37 V is the minimum voltage for the PTP650, and would apply for a short (5m) cable.

If you are using a long cable (100m) then the minimum voltage should be at least 43 V.

A 54 V input is fine.

These voltages apply for the PTP650 only. If you are using the Auxiliary port Power over Ethernet output then you will need at least 45 V, plus about 1 V for each 10m of cable between the PIDU and the Auxiliary load (so total cable length Main+Aux). These figures are approximate and are given as a guide only.

There is no over-voltage protection. DO NOT apply a voltage higher than 60 VDC to the PIDU or to PTP650.

We don't use Aux Port .

We have many linke get  damaged ,and after investigating we find it's due to Power .

DC is always at it's normal + there are sites where there are more than 5 Links installed on the Tower and all of them are connected to the same DC Power source .

when the problem happens only one Link is affected not all the site .

What may cause such issue .

Hi Refaat,

I'm sorry that you are having trouble. Please contact Support and get an RMA number to return this equipment for a detailed investigation.

Please could you explain why you say "...and after investigating we find it's due to Power."

Please could you supply a detailed description and wiring diagram showing the power supplied to the PIDU, including ground connections and any LPUs installed.

The PTP-650 maximum operating voltage is 58 V (60 V absolute maximum). In addition the voltage between the negative supply and tower ground must not exceed +/-100 V.