Ping devices behind SMs

We run a flat network with all of our SMs in simple bridge mode. Nothing on the naitive VLAN. Management is on VLAN 5 and customers get an IP from one of 6 VLANs - we assign that in the "data VLAN" setting.  All customer VLANs assign a private IP to the customers router (based on which VLAN they are in).  

We have a PRTG monitoring server sitting on the management VLAN that pings all our radios (on the same VLAN).  I am trying to get it to ping a customer's personal router's WAN IP behind one of our SMs.  Our router is set to allow the PRTG server to access all IPs and all VLANs. That does work.  However, I can't ping through the SM to the client WAN and I'm not sure what setting I need to change to do so...

+1 for PRTG firstly.

What is the clients router? By default most home routers/wirless etc have ICMP requests barred from the WAN side. The customer would need to enable this. You could try a nmap with -Pn to detect if any ports are open, if you get a response from something you at least know the customer's device is present I guess. Won't help you with PRTG though.

Client is an Asus router. Palm to face smack for forgetting about ICMP being off by default on consumer routers. Ugh.

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