Ping packet lost problems

Hello tohether.

I´m sending with 5.4 BH Moduls.
My connection has 2 Hpos. on one Hop is a cmm2 onthe other hop is an rj 11 Cabel for the syncronisation between the 2 BHs.

The longest distance is 17 kilometers.

If i Ping 24 h from the one side to the other, I get a packet lost of 10 % is this normal or can i do something about it.

You should have no packet loss using ping unless the host you’re pinging is busy doing something else. Your link is the following:

A: network1-CMM-5.4BHmaster <----> 5.4BHslave-5.4BHmaster <----> 5.4BHslave-network2

Both BH pairs are 5.4GHz and the center connection is made with both RJ45 and RJ11 cables for the Ethernet and timing, respectively. Motorola, unfortunately, does not support the above configuration; the RJ11 timing cable does not provide accurate synchronization. Here are two configurations they do support:

B: network1-5.4BHslave <----> 5.4BHmaster-CMM-5.4BHmaster <----> 5.4BHslave-network2

C: network1-5.4BHmaster <----> 5.4BHslave-5.7BHmaster <----> 5.7BHslave-network2

In example C the CMM is only needed if there are other Back Hauls or Access Points within RF range; you may even need two CMMs. Example B is likely your best solution unless you have other Canopy units (APs or BHs) that need the CMM at the network1 end.

My link is like this:

network1-5.4BHSlave <----> 5.4BHmaster-CMM2-5.4BHmaster <----> 5.4BHslave-BHmaster<---->5.4BHslave-network2

Do both of the BHmasters have their RJ11 jacks connected to the RJ11 jacks in the CMM2?

Is one of them plugged into RJ11 jack number 1 on the CMM2?