Ping watchdog


Ping watchdog - ping a specific IP, if unreachable, the unit reboots.

Useful to recover hanged or crashed units where ping works but ssh or other management interface dont work.

thank you

I'm all for a good watchdog, but I'm curious, have you actually had issues with Cambium radios locking up as to need said dog?

Absolutely needed - not only for a lockup, but for testing different settings on the remote side of a link.  This needs to be part of a ''test'' mode - so that we could (for example) try changing a PTP link from 20 to 40 Mhz, and have it revert to the last working settings if it can't establish a working link.

Not common, but i've seen lockup issues in changelogs. Also we are getting some unconfirmed PPPoE issues by some installers.

Hi there,

Just curious about this. This has been put up for consideration since "08-05-2015 04:59 AM" and there is still no ping watchdog for ePMP devices.  I know in other countries hanging of any Cambium device might not be an issue but in South Africa, it is a real issue.  We have very poorly maintained power stations and after power interruptions, some devices just lose LAN connection.

How long does it take to implement a consideration?