Planning cnWave 60GHz in cnHeat

cnWave 60GHz can now be planned in a standard cnHeat project with your sub-7GHz networks. Previously these required separate projects.

To model a v5000,…

Enter the center frequency for the desired channel

  • Channel 1: 58.32
  • Channel 2: 60.48
  • Channel 3: 62.64
  • Channel 4: 64.80

Select V5000 from the Antenna drop down. This will automatically configure the TxPower and Range.

Adjust the Height and Azimuth(Bearing) as required.

Configure the gain of the required CN in the SM Selection field.

  • V1000: 22.5 dBi
  • V2000: 34.5 dBi
  • V3000: 40.5 dBi (Small Footprint)
  • V3000: 42.4 dBi (with Radome)
  • V3000: 44.5 dBi