playstation in Nat3 mode

We switch a customer from a ubiquiti to a cambium last week. The customer is complaining the their playstation is now in Nat3 mode and not working that great. With the ubiquiti radio the playstation was in NAT2. 

The SM is in Nat mode, as was the ubiquiti. Is there a difference in the way Cambium handles the NAT vs Ubiquiti that would cause the playstation to have issues? 

I think I read on the forum that changing the SM to bridge mode would solve the issues, but I would like to avoid that if possible. 

I don't think the PMP450 SM's in NAT mode support uPNP or NAT-PMP. The easiest way around this is to use a WiFi router behind SM that supports uPNP/NAT-PMP, and just use the DMZ function on the SM to pipe all inbound connections to the router.

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But we did not have Upnp enabled on the ubiquiti antenna.

Guess I'll have to go the router method. 

We have this issue as of today, the customer is showing s "strict" instead of an "open" nat type. Trying to investigate if we have to change it to open in th SM or in our CN r200p Router. Any suggestions other than changing it in the router first?

We did what Eric recommended. We enabled DMZ on the SM and put in the routers IP address. Our customers NAT went from 3 to 2. 

Can anyone elaborate more on the specifics? We enabled DMZ in the sm but still are not able to get away from strict or type 3. Maybe we are missing a step. We are using the cambium r200p router.

did you enable UPnP in the R200p? 

its off by default. 

its located in the applications tab, then UPnP. 

using multiple layers of nat can land you some major headaches, if you've got the public address space, dumping 1 public ip per sub into the R200 and then restricting the WAN management access to something only you and your staff have access to can prevent these types of calls in the first place.