Please bring back Management profile in cnMaestro

Please bring back Management profile in cnMaestro in the AP Group profiles for cnPilot Home (R-Series) routers.  We use the same Mangement settings for all our routers and it is time consuming to have to go in and set these in every profile.  Also it would be nice if you could add more settings particually Web Access settings, we change the Web port and allowed remote IP settings in all our routers.

Yes please, definitely.  All of this. We need these things very badly.

We also want a real tr069 command. We need to set everything up remotly or push config template. As per now we can't set Voip config remotly when customer's reset router we need to do a teamviewer every time does'nt make sense. We would have to move  to Readynet gear for that manner.  they have a easy to use ACS service for config. The Cn Meastro Cloud is fency but lack of real /easy operationnal command.