Please Help Me (Links Keeps Dropping)

The connection of that particular screen is not POE related.
The LAN side from the POE to the router is what is showing 10mbps.

Its either you need to so alignment of the ratio to get a better throughput or change the frequency to achieve the speed desired after getting rid of the 10mbps.

Go on the AP this SM is connected to.
click on Tools
click on Automatic Channel selection
Toggle to enable
Click save at the top
Then click RUN ACS
wait for the output - leave that screen on - it will show you the frequencies
I tend to avoid channels lower that 5.4 zone - l like anything between 5.40 to 5.85 that has zero or one interference.
Write down your choices
Go back to configuration, disable automatic frequency selection
choose the choice that you concluded on
Save it and test.

How to test.
Log into the SM
Go to tools and choose Wireless Link test and run test
You will see the maximum throughput that that SM will get.

Thats it

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Great Frederick, I must say here a big thanks to you and everyone that has made some much effort to explain to me how to go about the issue I have with this device (Cambium networks) God bless you all.

Ok Frederick, I will go change that so it shows 100Mbps, instead of the 10Mbps now.

Many Thanks

I don’t have access to the AP, my CTO do, so I can not perform any test from the AP as suggested.

Here is a screenshot I took from an SM with our AP it could see.

The coz2w is the one with the issue that customers connected complain that it’s very slow even when they have a link of -65 and MCS is 11/12 for upload and download. de-wr-ap-06, de-wr-ap-12 coz2N, and coz2w are the APs on our tower.

I think the frequencies are far apart., what do you think folks?

Joseph, this is just your network in TDD mode.
There are other networks flying around that are not in TDD mode which the scan will not see.
There are certainly more interferences than this.

The fact that you have a low RSSI and good MCS does not necessary mean a good connection.
Also, it is not about spacing out the frequencies that makes it better.

5840 is not the best frequency towards your current customers connecting to that sector.
You need too scan for alternate frequencies and see if they fit better.
You need access to Coz2-W and you need to play around with frequencies after you scan & see the best available frequencies for the section that Coz2-W faces within that 90 degrees.

A link of -65 and MCS is 11/12 for upload and download is very good if on the best frequency.
You need to find the best frequency to get the best output.


Ok sir, I think I finally find the solution.

Many Thanks

Can you let me know what the solution was?
It is good to let us know so we can help someone else better next time.
So, please share with me the solution.

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Look at another scenario

of another AP with SM attached… I just don’t know when my CTO would be able to have the time to look into these customer issues and resolve them. what do you advise @Fobasanjo @zica49

Best Regards,

You gave me the solution. Scan for interference right?


If you do not have access to the AP, then you can extend the height of the SM.
If the SM height goes higher, RSSI will drop from 75 to something lower and this will give you better service.

At this point, I will advice that you email your CTO to give you passwords for AP’s so the you can log into AP’s and do more troubleshooting. If you get the passwords, I can remotely help you.

You can email me at if you need more help.
Which country are you?


Ok thanks, I will send you email on my private Email and my company email as well

Many Thanks

  1. Your connection is only 10Mbps. You need to check your cables or terminations
  2. Your signal is way too low. You need to figure out what is blocking the LOS to your AP. May need to raise the radio up or relocate it to another spot that gets a better sight towards our AP
  3. Do a spectrum analysis to see if there is something between your radio and the AP that is using the same frequency channel as you are broadcasting on.
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@Tommy_Fennig Thanks as well, I duly appreciate it.

Please friends, kindly look at this with me, I could not be attached to the AP and I don’t know why, I have attached screenshots of Spectrum Ana Done at the CPE site.

As we speak no customer could attached to the above AP…

Below is the report from the error I go while trying to attached


If a WPA2 key is being used, please double check that the pre-shared key matches on both the AP and SM. Also make sure that the AP’s max distance and max registrations aren’t being exceeded by the SM.

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@Eric_Ozrelic The distance is not that far, it’s 1.34Km from AP.

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