Please Help Me (Links Keeps Dropping)


Please if anyone can help that will be fine. My CTO is not in town and I have some customers who called in to report that the internet at their premises is way too slow, considering the speed they are on => 10Mbps running on 20MHz, distance is 3Km.

CPE => E-force 180
AP => ePMP1000 (90degree)

The link quality and link capacity keeps dropping from 20% to 10 and later go to 50%, I have attached an image below for advise.

Although all AP is connected to a Netonix PoE switch

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You have a problem with Received Signal Strength Indicator RSSI
50–60db good
60–65 db acceptable
65–70db weak

There is interference, obstruction, or hardware malfunction. A problem with the electronic board -10db

Thanks, sir please one more thing, Can you help me with a video or share with me a link that I can use to identify when there is an interference on the link.

From all that you highlighted, it seems the interference, and hardware could be the cause I noticed customer calls to complain, although not every time, but sometimes that the internet is so slow. and their link quality and capacity keep dropping.

I don’t know how to put this to my CTO if we should observe with one AP, connected directly to a PoE, Let’s isolate with that and see if the link improves.


Check network cable as well. It should be 1000mbps (ethernet cable)

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You are right sir, Sorry my picture above look misleading, the picture is gotten from the customer’s radio, and the router attached to the radio is in 100Mbps

A chain is only as strong as its weaker link.
And in your case, it doesn’t matter if the radio is able to pass 100 Mbps throughput, it will never pass more than anything in the series.


“A chain is only as strong as its weaker link”.

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Very low RSSI.

If there’s only one customer with than (bad) signal, could be its CPE that has moved since installation. If all the customers have the same problem could be your AP.

10 Mbps to the Internet is not good at all, there is no bandwidth.
We once had a problem with a client who was !touched! lightning strike, everyone else on that AP was bothering us until we recognized it and replaced it, there were a total of 12 clients.
He, like the others, did not give usable results at all on the wireless link test. After replacing the problematic one, everything worked as it should.
Reboot one client and wireless link test on the other, there is enough time for that while the rebooted one is booting. in the meantime and so on until the last one.

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You are at MCS1 on the Uplink. You say you have “customers” so more than one ? All on the same AP ? Do they all have very low Uplink MCS rates ?

If so then it looks like your AP is having trouble seeing the customer radios , most likely due to Interference. Mostly likely some other AP or device using / overlapping the 5200Mhz x 20 channel you are using.

Show us what the Spectrum Analyzer shows.
You can check how-to in user guide.

I must say a very big thanks to you all, you all are amazing with the brilliant ideas you gave me.
God bless you all

Many Thanks

All customers on the AP are having the same issue of poor throughput, am feeling it could be power related. All AP and PTP are connected to a Netonix PoE switch and the server room is a bit hot, Don’t know if that could contribute to the cause of it. before now we used the PoE that comes with the cambium device, but my CTO have to change that to a Netonix PoE switch.

Ok thanks for your contribution, the image shown above is from the CPE, not AP and all customers are having same issue.

Then it is almost for sure a problem with RF interference from another AP or device basically making it very difficult for the AP to see its subscriber radios.

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The POE power supply is not the problem.
When POE is the problem, the device usually reboots or won’t start.
Power supply with POE can be any unstabilized source, it is important that it has between 40-56 V (perhaps a larger range) and enough energy. The AP itself has a step-down converter that converts the POE voltage to a brutally stabilized 5V and from it another 3.3V, etc.
Look for the problem elsewhere!
Interferences in the ether or one of the clients spinning the traffic in a loop and complicating the conditions for the others.
I have already written how to detect the client causing the problem, everything is easier than going to all the addresses with the problem.

Hello Joseph,

You need to log to the sector this SM is connected to and look for a better frequency. You are better off with something in the 5.4 range, 5.7 range or 5.8 range. Also, since this is an SM, you need to get 100Mbps on the cable. 10mbps is no good. Cable MUST be crimped again to achieve this.

Ok Zica49, But we have a Netonix PoE switch, of which I’m thinking might be the cause, maybe not supplying enough power the the AP… my thought!!!

Many Thanks

You are right on the cable part, I feel it should be power related, that’s my thought though! But we will look at the interference part also.

Many Thanks

this is not switch related. I have seen this many times.
It might not be interference related too.
It might just be that the location of the SM does not allow the connection on that frequency to be maximised.