Please tell about the capabilities of the PMP 450

Greetings everyone,  

I would like to erect several 6 SECTOR ANTENNAS, but I would like to know which is the best one, too use on high destiny situation.  what I mean, can I have 200+ residential homes connected to 6 SECTOR ANTENNA, in a 5 KM2 area. is this possible and what is the best PMP to use. 


Assuming that you'll be using the 5ghz band... you'd want to use the Cambium 60deg antenna P/N: 85009325001

Assuming the following:

- There's a pretty even spread of homes surrounding the tower

- That the noise floor is quiet enough to use 20MHz channel widths

- The number of subs you can oversubscribe per AP is based heavily on the subs primary usage... e.g. more subscribers streaming video = less subs per AP. If everyone was primarily visiting web pages and reading email, then you can put many many more people on each AP.

Then yes... you could service 200+ customers off of a 6 sector deployment of PMP450.

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