Please update the JAVA code on the PTP250 radio - I have four of them


I am unable to access my four PTP250 radios because every single browser complains that the JAVA code is too insecure, and refuses to run it.   Efforts to try older versions and different browsers entirely, are failing with the same result.   The JAVA in Windows which the browser calls to, WILL NOT run the code on the radio, no matter which browser I use.   The error is the same each time.

I understand that cambium does not want to issue an update for the radios, but I am asking you to reconsider and push out an update ASAP so we can manage our networks without having to open ourselves to security risks by downgrading software to insecure versions.


We have a way to update Java code using Internet Explorer for PTP 250 but doing it this way is going to reduce the security level and please be aware of this suitation. The link to procedure document is listed below

Being able to access the radios that provide our WAN connections is paramount!   I have spent so much time fiddling with virtual machines of old versions of windows (Win 7) and Java (v7) and this and that, and still I can't access my PTP250 radios.  This is so frustrating.

End of life or not, please publish a firmware update to bring this radio's JAVA to where it needs to be so we can manage them.   I have two pairs of these radios and I can't access them.  When there are problems all I can do is power cycle them.

We are also in the same boat, we have a large network with over 2000 nodes and are phasing the old 250's out where we can, we have 8 of them sitting on a shelf that we can’t talk to and 8 live links that we can only talk to through our bastion host, it’s a pain and running older versions of java leaves us non-compliant to Cyber Essentials +, I'm disappointed in Cambium for not releasing a newer version of firmware to resolve this.