Pls Suggest tower height calculation???

Is there any difference between formula for calculating tower height in Motorola & other wireless links.

Can anybody suggest me the proper way to calculate the height of the Tower.

What r the things to keep in mind while calculating the height of tower.

Can anybody give me the perfect formula for calculating the height of tower Or proper steps to calculate height of tower.

We basically try to get as high as possible for our access points. 300 ft if possible although it’s now always, but the higher you are the more subscribers you can hit. There’s no real formula that we use though. Basically try to get line of sight with as many people as possible.

Hi Caleb,

I m asking the tower about Point to Point Link . What r the methods to calculate Appropriate tower heights…

I use Radio Mobile to calculate P2P link.

Google the Radio Mobile package installation.

Hi jerry,

Will u explain in detail … Lot of read about u…

Pls Guide me…

Here is the link for Radio Mobile free software:

my question is:
can be a software like that really useful to estimate links on flat or urban lands?

Radio mobile is the best solution out there, or at least for the price… :smiley:

But, it will not take into account tree cover or buildings. That’s where experience comes in. And if you don’t have experience, that’s where you’ll earn it.

Basic rule of thumb we use is if you’re dealing with pretty flat, heavily treed rural areas (we’re in downstate Illinois), then 900MHz is your best bet.

Bottom line for any type of software projection is that you can only work with the data you’ve got. Topographical data is available, tree density data is largely not. And RF can in some cases penetrate some tree cover, but there’s not a radio signal I’m aware of the will penetrate dirt. It will also help calculate your fresnel zones, which gives you the best approximation you’ll get.

As CVS indicated, Radio Mobile is a very useful tool. Combined with experience and common sense, I have successfully plotted many links.

vishalgorle - download, install, and start playing with the software. It’s not that hard to figure out if you are patient and read the tutorials that are out there. Once you have become acclimated to the software I would be willing to answer specific questions.

You will need terrain data for India, and the specs for the equipment you are using. If you have been working with radio equipment for a while, Radio Mobile will come easy, if you are new it can be quite challenging.

The good news is that everything you need to know is out there on the Internet.

Hi jerry,

I downloaded Radio mobile. It is very impressive software. Thanks.

I m trying to get familiar with that, But i m not gettting my solution exactly as i required or u can say i m not understanding the software.
I read the help but i m not getting the points. I m aware of wireless terms since we have installed other wireless products also.

Will u provide me the basic help for understanding the radio mobile or any link how to use it. It will be very helpful to me.

We are using Motorola Backhaul 5700 BH products for point to point connectivity.