PMP 100 Help!

Hi I have recently taken over as a network technician for a small wisp and am having an issue with vlan set up on one of my towers. The set up looks like this mikrotik (vlan499)<---AP<----SM<---customer cisco router (vlan499). I can't seem to get vlan from the customer router over to the mikrotik as if the sm or ap is stripping it off. I have sm isolation turned off and can't seem to find anything else that would stop the vlan from passing through. Is there any setting that I could be over looking?

What firmware on what radios?

Are you doing this on other tower successfully with the same setup and it just fails on this one tower?

If so, is there any difference in the hardware or software of the mikrotik at this particular tower compared to one that's working?

SM isolation should have no bearing on the matter, AFAIK.  Make sure you don't have VLAN remarking or management VID on the radio conflicting with the VLAN ID you're using.


The firmware is  11.2.

I have it working on other towers with ubiquiti radios but not with the pmp 100.

The management vid is 1 and I'm using 499, but what is vlan remarking? 

11.2 does not have VLAN remarking.

What does your SM have for Default Port VID on the VLAN config tab? If it's 499, then the SM is stripping the tag like an access port on a switch.

Or.. what do you have for Allow Frame Types? All should work. Tagged only should work. Untagged only will not work for your desired configuration.

The default port vid is 1 and the allow frame types is all, I havent made any changes to the vlan settings on the sm or ap. Can I not pass vlan traffic without turning the vlan on? I was thinking these radios would just bridge the traffic over with the correct settings .

So it seems to be something wrong with the set up at the tower. After failing here I tried the same thing on a tower that I also have canopy equipment on and it passed the vlan with no problem.