PMP 13.3 – Read-Only Login and General Status Page Viewable to Guest Users (feature brief)

13.3 now supports the ability to create local and remote “Read-Only” accounts for “Admin”, “Installer” and “Tech” login accounts.  Users can now also control if information on the General Status Page is viewable to Guest Users.

Local Read-Only accounts can be created by checking the “Read-Only “ check box when creating local users via the radios user interface from the Accounts à Add User page. 

Existing Local Accounts can be changed by selecting the User in the “Update Mode” section of the “Accounts à Change User Settings” tab and checking or un-checking the “read-only” checkbox.

Read-only accounts can also be created via SNMP with the new userMode (type of integer - 1=Read-Only 0=Read-Write) OID.  Please be sure that this is not the last OID being sent if the userName, userPassword and userLevel OIDs are being used.

Please note that the limit of 4 total local accounts on the radio still exists, and that if a radio is downgraded, none of the read-only accounts will be carried over to the older release.

Remote Read-Only accounts can be created by using the new “Cambium-Canopy-UserMode” (51) VSA in conjunction with the existing “Cambium-Canopy-UserLevel” (50) VSA which both can be found in the new 13.3 Dictionary file. 

For example, to create a remote Read Only “Installer” account you would need have properties for the remote user on your RADIUS Server set to the following:

Cambium-Canopy-UserLevel = 2  # Values 1 à Admin, 2 à Installer, 3 à Tech

Cambium-Canopy-UserMode = 1 # Values 1 à Read-Only, 0 à Read-Write

13.3 also provides the user the ability to not display the General Status Page until a valid user has a successful login. This can be enabled or disabled by the “General Status Page Viewable to Guest Users” setting in the “General Status Permission” area under the “Accounts à Change User Settings” tab of the radio.

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