PMP 430 10 MHZ to 20 MHZ change

Somewhere I remember reading how to change the channel bandwidth from 10 MHZ to 20 MHZ on a 5.7 PMP 430. I have search everywhere i figure it would be, but no luck. Anyone here know what the procedure is.  Thanks  Dan

This would be under Configuration > Radio.

There should be a setting called "Channel Bandwidth".

I don't have a 430 online anymore that is handy to access... but that's where this setting has always been.

Changing this setting requires a reboot of the AP.

I can only think that maybe you're using a PMP 400 AP, which doesn't have the capability to change channel bandwidths... it only operated at 10 MHz.  If you post a screenshot, maybe that could shine more light on this.

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I can help u. 

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The unit is a 5780 APUS.

For PMP430 Access Points you should use CNUT to change the channel size.

Click Update->Configure to pull up the following dialogue.


Under the HPAP tab goto the line for Current Bandwidth 10.0 and change the Target Bandwidth to 20.0.

Then do a firmware upgrade on your AP.

Note: You will want to configure all of your SM's for the new channel size first. (You should be able to do this through their GUI.)


Thanks Seth... it's been SO long I forgot about this.

Thank you very much. I knew I had seen this procedure before, but couldn't find it. Thanks for taking the time to help us.  Dan