Hi all,

I'll be upgrading few PMP430 clusters next week 

I'm a little bit confused about what I've read and what I've tested myself regarding the CNUT auto-update feature 

Cambium support and the documentation advise that when doing a cluster upgrade the SMs have to be upgraded first 

my issue is for some reason, not all SMs will be reachable by their own IP 

I've picked up a pilot AP and tried updating the AP and then enabled the auto-update to get the SM upgraded it worked just fine following the upgrade path 11.2->12.1->12.2->13.1->13.4

the pilot Ap has only 2 SM attached to it; my question is am I safe to do it the same way when it will be on a much bigger scale ( 100 SM per cluster )

I'll be very grateful if you can advise based on your own experience 


Kind regards


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Hi All,

well let me answer myself maybe it will be useful to someone;

the Auto upgrade worked well for me (following the upgrade path listed above )

a couple of SMs where not upgraded however there were still able to register while they on version 11.2 and the AP in version 13.4.1 



My company made a similar jump this past week, and we have had troubles.  Any 430 SM's that were connected to a 430 AP upgraded to the lates 13.4 without an issue.  Any 430 SM's connected to the 450 AP's in PMP 450/450i Interoperability Mode did not upgrade past  13.2.1.  It says the Bad file image.  We have a trouble ticket into Cambium on it and are waiting for a response.



Please post here when Support resolves the issue to let others know what fixed it... this should work without issues.