PMP 430 upgrade path from 11.2 to 13.4

Hi All,

I have few PMP430 which are on version 11.2

I'm about to upgrade them to version 13.4.1, my goal is to do that with the less service disruption possible 

One of the main  reasons of the upgrade is that some of  our  SMs are mobile, and we will start deploying 450 AP, so the compatibility mode on the SM is required

I'm planning to follow the upgrade path below

11.2->12.1.2->12.2.1->13.1.4->13.4.1  using CANUT 4.9.18

My questions are :

1- What do you guys thing regarding this upgrade path, can it be optimized (keeping in mind that we want to achieve the seamless upgrade possible).

  1. Do you advise me to use the auto-upgrade feature or do you advise upgrading the SMs manually than upgrading the AP

Any suggestions\ recommendations are welcome

Many thanks in advance for your help

Kind regards


Hi  Mehdi,

1. You can choose the upgradation path which you have mentioned.

2. You can use  the auto upgrade option as you do not have to upgrade each SM separately.

I hope we have ansewered your query.

Please feel free to contact us in case of any further query or send a mail to




the upgrade path I used was 11.2 ->12.1.2->12.2.2->13.4.1, by always upgrading the AP than the SM (no auto-update)

no problems have been encountred, SM was always being able to trgister back to the AP


Kind regards


If i need to do a downgrade from 13.4 to 11.2 this paths works also???