PMP 450 14.0 Software release

When will be sofware release 14.0  available to interconnect PMP 450 Ap  to pmp 450d sm?  I found another 14.0 software release, but this one pretains PMP 450i and PTP 450i radios only. 


Assuming you're trying to connect a 450d SM to a 450 AP, then you should be good to go. If you're trying to connect a 450d SM to a 450i AP then you'll need to wait until firmware release 14.1 comes out later this fall/winter.

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As Eric mentions, the PMP 450d will connect to PMP 450 AP with current software (Release 13.4).

Release 14.0 is only for PMP 450i products at this time.

Release 14.1 will be released for all of the PMP 450 platform (including 450, 450d and 450i) and will enable interoperability between all products within this platform.  We expect to have a Beta version of this software become available very soon.  I will post that and update this thread when that happens...