pmp 450 3.65 - signal reflector - stinger

Hello all,

Back when I used to have canopy 2.4 SMs out in the field we used to have stinger signal boosters that we used for those installs that required a bit of a boost without resorting to the giant reflector dish. Now we have 3.65 deployed and I am in need of a similier product for the pmp450 sm units. My old stingers do not quite fit on these and I thought about trying to modify one to try it out. Is there any that I am not seeing that will already fit this SM? I saw the one for the 5ghz SM but I am running 3.65...would there be a reason this would not fit or work with a 3.65 SM?

Thanks, JJ

So I can't speak for the stinger, but our CLIP antenna (that slips on top of the SM) is a Cassegrain antenna design and is tuned to the 5GHz band. I don't think you will see favorable results by trying it in a different band.

To augment signal for 3.65, it's recommended that you add the offset reflector dish.  This will add about 10 dBi to make the total gain of the SM about 19 dBi.

HK2022A is the part number for a 4-pack of reflector dishes.

I also agree with Seth that the CLIP only works for 5 GHz, and will not be favorable to use with the 3.65 GHz device.