PMP 450/430 Legacy Mode

Can someone explain this 450i AP setting to me?  The user guide is not very helpful.

If I am replacing a 430 AP and need to support 430 SMs at least in the short term, does this need to be set to Enabled?  Is this just a way to disallow settings that are not supported on 430/450 SMs like 15/30 MHz channels?

We have this setting enabled on one AP for compatibility between 450i with 14.1.1 and SM with old versions (like 13.2.1).

OK, I see if you hover your mouse over this in the GUI there is an explanation that it is needed if SMs are on FW earlier than 13.4.1, and that it affects system capacity.

I guess if I looked at the release notes for 13.4.1 it might have some technical explanation to better understand what changed.


+1 to Ken! Kudos.

I love the mouse hover explanations.